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Home Theater Atlanta, GA


SoulCraft Systems is an owner/operator business in which I personally oversee all aspects of the work completed on our projects. I've surrounded myself with the best designers, installers, calibrators, and builders in the industry since my introduction to 'home theater' in the 90's, and I'm happy to share the wealth of these relationships in guiding you toward a smart investment in your home entertainment needs. I pride myself in the ability to consult with you to define your *actual* needs and I recommend quality engineered systems that perform to your expectations, and that, above all else — are reliable and simple to use.

After having subcontracted for some of the most renowned companies in the world — engineering, installing, and programming some of the most complex and high performance entertainment systems achievable — I've come into a design theory of my own that, ironically enough, revolves around installing the fewest amount of electronics possible in your home. I work with clients to define their level of enjoyment and expectations, and I usher them toward whole solutions that will satisfy their enthusiasm for home entertainment and smart home solutions within their budget.

I think it's important we sit down and talk about your previous experiences. Many people think they *need* something, when in reality the level of enjoyment they get from it would pale in comparison to the investment. I want to know what you get joy from. Actively listening to music and high-quality recordings or casually listening to background music around the house? Would you be happy with Netflix streaming video, or do you love reference level systems in a flawless setup watching your coveted 4k Blu-ray collection of favorite movies? I help find out what's important to you and guide you to a smart investment. My clients view me as their trusted adviser more than their salesman.

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