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Whole House Music Atlanta, G


Ninety-percent of our systems use wires run throughout your home to in-ceiling speakers powered by the Sonos app. This allows me to pair different price tiers of speakers and amplifiers to achieve your desired budget and level of audio quality. This is simply the most configurable and user friendly way to get awesome House Music. Period.

Home Theater Atlanta, GA


I know exactly how to set up your house televisions for the simplest possible use and enjoyment. I'll guide you to the solution with the fewest amount of future headaches with your remote controls and your TV Service Provider.

Smrt Home Automation Atlanta, GA


I advise our clients to spend their money here before anywhere else. Every new gadget you buy for your home will work over your WiFi. I'll install a properly designed enterprise class WiFi setup that will give you the best possible environment for all your devices to function as they are supposed to.

Smart Home Automation Atlanta, GA


Most of our clients use a video doorbell for the entry points of their home — for the convenience of knowing who's coming and going from the property. If you want high-quality property surveillance, you'll add a separate video surveillance system that records 24/7 with more advanced cameras that will provide better imaging.

Controlled Lighting Atlanta, GA


A press of a button can welcome you to a well-lit home, select a smartly accented dinner party setting, or simply turn on all the outside lights when you hear a noise. These settings are referred to as "scenes" which are accessible from keypads, smartphones and iPads, can occur automatically based on the time of day, or can be triggered by Alexa.

Home Theater Atlanta, GA


I offer theater consultation, design, quality electronics, installation, and repair services. Through my years of experience in building some of the finest custom home theaters in the world, I have developed packages of equipment that compliment each other given the level of overall performance desired, and budget.

Whole House Music Atlanta, GA


I help you elevate your outdoor experience with music, video, and lighting. Enjoy your favorite movies, watch the big game, or listen to your music collection out by the pool. Make your backyard a vacation destination!

Motorized Shades, Atlana, GA


In addition to enhanced aesthetics and energy savings, our motorized window covering systems solve one of life's greatest problems by preventing window glare that's distracting when watching TVs and computer monitors.

Safety and security are enhanced by restricting an outsider's view of your home’s interior at night or when you are away. With battery operated shades, there's a shading solution to fit the aesthetics of any room in your home.


Smart Home Automation Atlanta, GA

Some of the most fun you'll have in your new home is making things work with Alexa. After I put the kids to bed at night I say 'Alexa, relax'. My Family Room lights dim, my TV comes on, and my personal masseuse knocks on the door... just kidding. Seriously though, I have three scenes that I use daily: "I'm Home," "Relax," and "Good Night." They're not overly complicated, but I love what they add to my lifestyle.

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